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Huawei Faces Dilemma Over Russia Links – FT

There is speculation that Chinese telecom giant may be invited back to Russia to manage communications infrastructure if Nokia and Ericsson leave the country.

Despite an initial plunge in phone shipments, Huawei has been an early winner from the Ukraine war. Photo: Reuters.


The last time western sanctions hit Russia after it annexed Crimea, Vladimir Putin turned to Huawei to rebuild and upgrade the territory’s communication infrastructure, the Financial Times reported, noting that the controversial Chinese technology company is now positioned to aid Moscow on a much larger scale.

In Crimea, Russia “ripped out western telecom gear in the heavily militarised territory and replaced it with Huawei and ZTE”, said Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, a telecoms expert at the European Centre for International Political Economy. If Nokia and Ericsson do fully exit Russia, Moscow would “need Chinese companies more than ever, especially Huawei”, he said.


Read the full report: Financial Times.



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