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Latest News: Russia Sanctions

China Drops Dollar for Yuan in $88bn Russia Commodity Trade
Gazprombank, India Banks Step Up Ties to Lift Rupee-Ruble Trade
Xi Arrives in Moscow Just as Putin Becomes War Criminal
India Using SWIFT Payment System For Dollar Trade With Russia
Chinese Firm in Talks to Sell Military Drones to Russia: Report
Host India Doesn’t Want G20 to Discuss Fresh Russia Sanctions
Russia Ships Sanctioned Oil to Asia in Chinese Supertankers
Russia Sends Increasingly Cheap Arctic Oil to India, China
Xi Wants More Trade, Yuan-Ruble Deals With Russia – WSJ
India to Russia Rupee Shipments to Begin Next Week – Mint
Russia Becomes India’s Biggest Oil Supplier in October – ET
India Is Likely Exporting Refined Russian Oil to the West

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