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India’s Electric Vehicle Sales Soar 900% Over Two Years – ET

India’s EV sales have been booming since its government provided subsidies to help consumers purchase electric vehicles, The Economic Times reported.

India sold more cars than Japan in 2022, but China and the US still have the world's biggest car markets. This file image by Reuters shows cars in Delhi on a smoggy day in Sept 2021.


Sales of electric vehicles (EV) in India have skyrocketed by almost ten times the previous level over the last two years following government subsidies to boost the sector, the Economic Times reported.

EV sales rose from 48,179 in the financial year of 2020-21 to 442,901 in 2022-23 (as of December 9), according to the report, after the Indian government helped to reduce upfront purchase prices for electric vehicles.

Read the full report: The Economic Times.



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Alfie Habershon

Alfie is a Reporter at Asia Financial. He previously lived in Mumbai reporting on India's economy and healthcare for data journalism initiative IndiaSpend, as well as having worked for London based Tortoise Media.


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