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Latest News: Asia

Beijing, Islamabad Call for Taliban Assets Release – Afghan Times
Pakistan Budget to Add Taxes Worth 430bn Rupees – Dawn
Toshiba Starts Contentious Investor Meet With Sale of AC Unit
Singapore Taps Niche SPAC Listings to Capture Tech Boom
China Becomes Top Importer of Japanese Food – Nikkei
Indonesia Asks Elderly to Stay Put As Omicron Rages – Globe
US Readies Economic Strategy to Counter China – WSJ
GlobalWafers To Use Funds From Failed Deal To Grow Capacity
Hotel Guests in Japan At Record Low in 2021 – The Japan Times
Putin in LNG Deal with China as US Seeks Supply from Japan
HeidelbergCement Plans to Set CO2 Reduction Targets in May
IMF ‘Ready’ to Help Crisis-Hit Sri Lanka If Support Sought

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