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Latest News: Oceania

Australia and China Move to Resolve Barley Trade Row
New Zealand Facing ‘Aggressive Foreign Interference’ – Guardian
China Invites Australian PM to Visit Beijing This Year – SCMP
Australia Bans TikTok Risking Ongoing Trade Talks With China
Rich Chinese Back Buying up Property in SE Asia, Australia
China Firm Nabs Solomon Islands Port Deal as US Watches On
Australia’s Potential $11.3bn Batteries Bonanza: Accenture
China Accused of Trying to Bribe Pacific Officials – Telegraph
Asian Stocks Slide After Powell Says Bigger Rate Hikes Possible
Adani Shares Rally After $1.9-Billion GQG Stock Buy-up
China Has Big Lead in Critical Emerging Technologies: Study
Australian Government Advisers Remain Cool on TikTok Ban

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