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China, HK Firms Sending a Flood of US Chips to Russia – Nikkei
China Preparing for War, Taiwan Foreign Minister Tells CNN
South Korea to Lend 500k Artillery Shells to US – DongA Ilbo
China Seen Dropping Call for Global Banks to Share Debt Losses
Stocks Hold Their Ground on Most Asian Markets
Tesla Facing US Lawsuit Over Alleged Privacy Intrusion
Consumer and Factory Prices Drop in China as Demand Sinks
TSMC Seeks Clarity From US Amid Chips Act Subsidy Concerns
Tesla to Make Energy Storage Batteries at New Shanghai Plant
India Plans 5 Annual Tenders for 50GW of Renewables – PV Mag
China Telecoms to Fund ‘Rival’ $500m Undersea Cable to Asia
China Stages Military Drills Around Taiwan Over Tsai’s US Trip

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