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Chip Giant TSMC to Hire 6,000 Engineers in 2023
US Looking to Ban Some Investment in Adversarial Nations – WSJ
Nvidia’s Plan for Sales to Huawei at Risk if US Extends Curbs
SoftBank to List Arm in New York, Despite British Appeals
US Adds 28 Chinese Firms, 10 Others to Trade Blacklist
China Has Big Lead in Critical Emerging Technologies: Study
US ‘Discussing Possible China Sanctions’ With Allies Over Ukraine
Huawei Pitches its 5G Vision to the World in Barcelona – Nikkei
Blacklisted China Firms Got Licences For $23bn of US Goods, Tech
Nissan Accelerates Europe EV Plan, But Not US – GC Reports
US and Canada Order TikTok Cut From All Government Phones
Two Abu Dhabi Firms to Pay $1.8bn in 1MDB Settlement

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