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SK Hynix Plans $90-Billion 4-Fab Chip Cluster – TH

Korean chipmaker plans to build a cluster of four fabrication plants in Gyeonggi near Seoul, with work to begin next year on the $90-billion project, which could be the “largest fab complex in the world”

Memory chips by South Korean semiconductor supplier SK Hynix
Memory chips by South Korean semiconductor supplier SK Hynix.


South Korean chipmaker SK Hynix is planning a quadruple fabrication complex called the Yongin Semiconductor Cluster in Gyeonggi province near Seoul with work allegedly due to begin in March 2025 and the first of its four fabs due to be completed in 2027, according to a report by Tom’s Hardware, which said the cost would be “at least 120 trillion Korean won or just shy of $90 billion” and that it will probably be “the largest fab complex in the world” although the fourth fab is not due to be completed until 2046.

SK Hynix makes RAM and NAND chips, and while it is currently not known what type of chips would be produced at the first fab, it speculated that HBM – high bandwidth memory chips – would be a “prime candidate” given the demand for them for servers and AI-oriented hardware, according to the report, which noted that SK and Samsung, Korea’s other giant chipmaker, envision building over a dozen fabs, plus three research and development facilities in Gyeonggi.

Read the full report: Tom’s Hardware.



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