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Latest News: ChatGPT

China Chat Bot Trained to Think Like Xi Jinping – FT
US Warned AI Poses ‘Extinction-Level Threat’ to Humanity – Time
Baidu Says More Than 100 Million Using its ChatGPT-Rival Ernie
OpenAI Investigating ‘Lazy’ ChatGPT Claims – Independent
Microsoft Dismisses Dangerous AI Worry, Says Tech Decades Away
Seismic AI Discovery May Have Led to Altman’s OpenAI Firing
Baidu Beats Q3 Revenue Forecasts, Says AI Key to Growth
OpenAI Investors Weigh Legal Options Amid Fears Of Collapse
Turmoil at OpenAI After Board Coup, Altman Heads to Microsoft
Baidu Claims Its Latest Ernie AI Is a Match for ChatGPT
OpenAI, SoftBank, Apple Designer Ive in ‘AI iPhone’ Talks – FT
China’s Tencent Signals ‘Hunyuan’ AI Chatbot Launch

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