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US Warned AI Poses ‘Extinction-Level Threat’ to Humanity – Time

A new report will claim many AI workers inside cutting-edge labs are worried about incentives driving decision making

Illustration to represent AI-generated deepfakes
Officials in the European Union, the US and China have all been looking at ways to regulate AI, and now influential companies in Japan are calling for a new law to quickly manage unrestrained use of AI. Image: Freepik.


A US Government report has warned that lawmakers must move quickly to avert the risk of an “extinction-level threat to the human species” caused by artificial intelligence, Time reported.

The authors of the report spoke to more than 200 government employees, experts, and workers at frontier AI companies – such as OpenAI, Google DeepMind, Anthropic and Meta – and, according to the story, came to some unsettling conclusions.

“The rise of advanced AI and AGI [artificial general intelligence] has the potential to destabilise global security in ways reminiscent of the introduction of nuclear weapons,” the report cautioned lawmakers, recommending sweeping and unprecedented policy actions that, if enacted, would radically disrupt the AI industry.

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  • By Sean O’Meara


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