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Latest News: Defence Technology

FBI, MI5 Warn World of ‘Breathtaking’ China Economic Threat
ESG Rules Stop Defence Investment, ‘Help China’ – Telegraph
Australian Shipbuilder Wins $3.3bn US Coast Guard Contract
US Military Aims to Counter China Propaganda – Defense News
Put US Jet Fighters ‘Closer to China’ – Air Force Magazine
Australia Settles With French Shipbuilder Over Axed Subs Deal
US Bans Exports by Firms That Sent Defence Tech to China
China Military to Gain Base in Cambodia – Washington Post
Russian Setbacks Spur China Focus on Smart Drones – SCMP
China Military Secrets Posted on Game Forum, TechRadar Says
PLA Navy Poised to Acquire Third Aircraft Carrier – WSJ
Australia to Spend $385m on High-Tech US Artillery

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