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Latest News: Public Debt

China Asks Local Governments Not to Use Tech Funds to Pay Debt
China to Issue More Government Bonds to Tackle Debt Crisis
China Set to Tighten Hold on Crackdown-Hit Finance Sector
China Asks Banks to Roll Over $13tn Local Debt at Lower Rates
Sri Lanka Closes in on $2.9-Billion IMF Loan and China Support
Pakistan Kicks Off Talks With IMF on Crucial Funding Package
China Offers Troubled Sri Lanka Relief on Debt Repayments
China and Japan Slash Holdings of US Treasuries in May
China Railway’s Debt Balloons to Close to $900bn – Nikkei
Sri Lanka Creditors Form Group for Debt Restructuring Talks
IMF Sounds Alarm on Emerging-Market Debt Crisis
UN Group Pitches Basic Income Proposal to Sri Lanka – FT

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