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Latest News: Russian Oil

Chinese, Russian Firms Agree Multiple Deals as Ties Deepen
China Reaps $10bn Dividend From Western Oil Sanctions
India Buying Russian Oil at 30% Above Western Price Cap
China Likely Sending Military Tech to Russia: US Intelligence
Private India Refiners ‘Now Paying for Russian Oil in Yuan’
Sanctioned Russia Pays Sakhalin Oil Dividends in Yuan – Nikkei
Pakistan Pays For Discounted Russian Crude Oil in Yuan
China-Russia Trade Reaches New High With Over 40% Jump – CNN
China Drops Dollar for Yuan in $88bn Russia Commodity Trade
Gazprombank, India Banks Step Up Ties to Lift Rupee-Ruble Trade
Russia Ships Sanctioned Oil to Asia in Chinese Supertankers
US Top Buyer of India’s Russian Crude Petroleum Goods – Mint

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