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Latest News: Tesla China

Tesla Starts Raising China EV Rates After Igniting Price War
Tesla Sold 18% More China-Made Electric Vehicles in January
Tesla to Ramp Up Shanghai Output As Price Cuts Fuel Demand
Tesla’s Mighty Profits Eat Into Asian Rivals in EV Price War
Buyers Say Tesla Forced Them to Close Orders Before Price Cuts
Tesla Demand Gets a Boost in China Amid Price War With BYD
Tesla’s China-Made EV Sales Fall 44% to Lowest in Five Months
BYD Beats Tesla to be Top EV Seller in 2022 – SCMP
Tesla Makes China Chief Highest-Profile Executive After Musk
Tesla Pauses Shanghai Gigafactory Production Amid Covid Surge
Tesla China Boss Sent to US to Fix Faltering Production
Tesla Shuts Up Shop in Shanghai for Last Week of December

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