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Latest News: Tesla China

Tesla to Hold China Hiring Event Despite Layoff Warning
China’s BYD Working with Tesla on EV Battery Supply Deal
Tesla’s Elon Musk Criticised Over Back-to-Work Order
China EV Maker WM Motor Files for Hong Kong IPO
Musk Bans Work From Home, Orders Minimum 40 Hours in Office
China’s Electric Vehicle Market Boom Shocks Global Carmakers
China Says Tesla Recalling 107,293 Model 3, Y Cars
Tesla Defers Plan to Restore Shanghai Production by a Week
Tesla, GM, VW Recover 20% Capacity in Shanghai After Restart
Tesla Faces Shortage of EV Parts, Halts Production in Shanghai
Tesla Hopes to Boost Shanghai Plant Production by Mid-May
Tesla to Run Two Shifts in Shanghai to Make Up Lost Time

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