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Latest News: Tesla China

AF TV – Covid Pushes China to The Brink of Recession
Tesla Shanghai at Over 80% of Normal Output – InsideEVs
China Covid Crackdown Hits Firms From Tesla to Taco Bell
Musk Vindicated in SolarCity Deal, Slammed Over Tweet Case
China EV Makers Across Nation Reel From Shanghai Shockwave
AF TV – Will Tesla’s Shanghai Plant Restart Last?
Elon Musk in Talks With PE Firm on Twitter Bid – New York Post
Tesla Results Beat Forecasts as New Plants Aim to Ease China Burden
Tesla’s Shanghai Restart May Not be Sustainable: Analyst
Tesla Earnings May be Hit by Shanghai Factory Production Halt
Lithium Investors Hope Elon Musk Will Put Money Into Mining
Tesla Seen Restarting Production at Shanghai Factory

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