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Latest News: US-China

China Drives Away US Missile Cruiser in South China Sea
China Disputes US Submarine Missiles Claim – Global Times
China Says its Ready to Meet With US to Discuss Defence
Taiwan Talks To China’s Xi Jinping in Rare Encounter at APEC
Xi Jinping Calls For Free Trade at APEC Leaders Summit – GT
US Regulator Warns Against Chinese ‘Pump-And-Dump’ IPOs
Cold War Fears Ease as Xi, Biden Talk in First Meet Since 2017
China Sends Most Students to the US Despite Tensions – SCMP
Biden to Discuss Taiwan ‘Red Lines’ With Xi Jinping – SCMP
China Rushes to Hire Foreign Microchip Engineers – Nikkei
US Has ‘No Right’ to Interfere in Our Deals With Germany: China
Photos Emerge of China’s Military Bases on Artificial Islands

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