Investors Suspect Beijing Behind Controlled Yuan Decline

The currencies of China's trading partners have weakened faster than the yuan recently, eroding the country's export competitiveness and hampering…

3 weeks ago

China’s Yuan Topples Dollar as Most Traded Moscow Currency

Yuan trading accounted for more than 40% of all foreign currency changing hands on the Moscow Exchange in 2023, triple…

3 months ago

China State Banks’ Yuan-Buying Push ‘Hints at Rate Cuts’

The country’s big banks, suspected of often doing Beijing’s bidding, have continued buying yuan despite the currency rising

5 months ago

China-Saudi Sign $7bn Currency Swap Deal in Fresh Hit to Dollar

The People's Bank of China said the deal "will help strengthen financial cooperation" and "expand the use of local currencies"

5 months ago

China’s Shock Rate Surge to 50% Triggers Regulatory Probe

A month-end scramble for cash and a flood of government bond sales triggered an overnight record surge in rate for…

6 months ago

China’s Central Bank Ramps Up Bulk Dollar Deal Scrutiny

The Chinese yuan has fallen by about 6% against the US dollar so far this year, a level not seen…

7 months ago

Yuan Dives to Lowest Level in 16 Years as Recovery Wanes

The yuan is one of region's worst performing currencies and has depreciated about 6.1% against the US dollar so far…

7 months ago

China’s Diving Yuan Could Spark Next Crisis, Hedge Fund Warns

Hedge fund EDL says China's weakening offshore currency could be the markets’ next 'black swan event'

8 months ago

Foreign Investors Shunning China, Piling Pressure on Yuan

China inflows have plummeted to their lowest since records began 25 years ago, removing a core support for the country’s…

8 months ago

India, UAE Agree to Ditch the Dollar, Settle Trade in Rupees

India, the world's third biggest oil importer and consumer, currently pays for UAE oil in dollars but is looking to…

9 months ago

Private India Refiners ‘Now Paying for Russian Oil in Yuan’

Sources claim two of India's three private refiners have settled some recent Russian oil import deals in Chinese yuan

10 months ago

China to Price Hong Kong-Listed Alibaba, Tencent Stocks in Yuan

The move is China's latest effort to enable the internationalisation of the yuan and protect its economy from capital outflows…

10 months ago