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Toyota Global Vehicle Output Jumps 44% in August

The world’s largest automaker produced 766,683 vehicles worldwide last month, above its target of around 700,000 and above year-ago output of 531,448.

Japan changed a key policy document to put hybrid vehicles on par with battery-electric cars after a Toyota head threatened the government.
Toyota president Akio Toyoda is due to attend an event in Las Vegas later on Thursday. Toyota and Honda have both announced major investments in the US recently to take advantage of tax credits in the huge climate bill drawn up by the Biden administration officials. Photo: AFP.


Toyota Motor Corp said on Thursday its global vehicle production shot up in August, thanks to the group securing more computer chip components than anticipated in Asia.

Production capacity also increased at overseas facilities as the Covid pandemic’s impact on the auto sector declined in countries outside China.

The news offers respite for the Japanese automaker, which has been under scrutiny over whether it can stick to its annual production target of 9.7 million vehicles, amid pandemic restrictions in China, although chip shortages are showing signs of easing.

Vehicle production soared 44.3% in August year-on-year, the first increase since March. The world’s largest automaker by sales produced 766,683 vehicles worldwide last month, above its target of around 700,000 and above year-ago output of 531,448.

Output increased mainly overseas, with domestic production up 5.6% year-on-year and overseas production jumping by 65% from a year ago, also a record rise for the month of August.

Toyota was able to purchase more semiconductor components than anticipated primarily in Asia, a region where there is also strong demand from consumers, as chips shortage eased, a spokesperson said.


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Production in the first five months of the current fiscal year that started in April is now 6.7% short of the company’s initial plans, as opposed to 10.3% last month, according to calculation based on company data. The company gives out monthly production targets.

Overseas sales also hit a record for the month of August, driven by a rebound from a decline in sales last year due to coronavirus outbreaks in China and the rest of Asia.

Overseas sales rose by 8.9% in August year-on-year to 694,272 vehicles, while in Japan they fell by 25.8% to 82,775 vehicles because parts supply shortage and Covid outbreaks disrupted production.

Toyota president Akio Toyoda is set to attend the US national dealers convention on Thursday in Las Vegas, marking his first in-person appearance before US dealers since the pandemic.

Toyota’s US production numbers went up by 11.9% in August year-on-year, the first increase since March, thanks to increases in production capacity and the fact that shortages of chips and other parts forced suspensions at US factories last year.

Its US sales, on the other hand, fell 9.8% last month.


  • Reuters with additional editing by Jim Pollard





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