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Latest News: New Energy Vehicles

Carmaker Stellantis Buys 8% Stake in Australian Lithium Producer
Huawei Showroom Fire Destroys Latest Hybrid Vehicle
New Energy Vehicle Sales in China Soar 49% in May
Tesla to Hold China Hiring Event Despite Layoff Warning
China’s BYD Seeks to Buy African Lithium Mines – The Paper
China’s Electric Vehicle Market Boom Shocks Global Carmakers
China Car Sales Jump in May But Still Lag 2021 Figure
Exploding Part Prompts Recall of 281,000 Hyundai Vehicles
Hyundai to Invest $5.4 Billion in New Georgia EV Plant
India’s EV Push to Bring Boom for Makers of Automotive Parts
China Car Sales Plunge 35% Amid April Lockdowns
Why are Indian Electric Vehicles Catching Fire?

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