Chinese Rocket Failure Opened Door for SpaceX in Indonesia

The failure of a Chinese rocket launch in April 2020 gave Elon Musk's SpaceX the opportunity to carry satellites for…

20 hours ago

Japan Successfully Launches H3 Rocket a Year After Failure

The launch marks a second straight win for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency after its lunar lander, SLIM, achieved a "pinpoint" touchdown…

4 days ago

Google Set to Launch Satellite to Pinpoint Methane Emission Sites

Google is partnering with the Environmental Defense Fund, a non-profit, with a plan to launch a satellite next month that…

5 days ago

China’s Geely Launches 11 Satellites in Autonomous Car Push

The Chinese automaker said it expects to have 72 in orbit by 2025 and eventually a planned ‘constellation’ of 240

2 weeks ago

Chinese Startup Launches Most Powerful Rocket by Private Firm

A Chinese space launch company has fired the most powerful rocket developed by the country's private sector from a ship…

1 month ago

SpaceX Launches Satellites Able to Beam Signals to Phones

The Elon Musk firm’s latest set of Starlink satellites will be used by T-Mobile US, with more providers lining up…

2 months ago

Cosmic Metal Could Break China’s Rare Earths Grip – Yahoo

Cambridge scientists have managed to replicate a magnetic metal found in meteorites that could replace eco-damaging rare earths minerals

2 months ago

Japan Government Space Spending Sparks Startup Investor Boom

Japan's most significant defence build-up since the Second World War has seen a wave of new investment in its domestic aerospace sector

2 months ago

China’s LandSpace Counts Down to Final Methane Rocket Test

Private space firm closing in on last test of groundbreaking methane and liquid oxygen-fuelled rocket

3 months ago

Japan Space Agency Says Rocket Data Safe After Cyberattack

The space agency was tipped off by an unnamed organisation about the attempted breach and a probe was underway

3 months ago

US And China Set to Hold Nuclear Arms Control Talks – WSJ

Talks on Monday are part of a US move to better understand China's outlook and head off a potential three-way…

4 months ago

India Aims to Land Astronaut on Moon; Visit Venus, Mars – BBC

The Indian Space Research Organisation is also working on a mission to send a human crew 400km into space

4 months ago