US Space Force General Floats China Crisis Hotline Plan

US commander General Chance Saltzman said a direct line of communication between the Space Force and China could de-escalate tensions

7 days ago

China Foreign Minister ‘Sacked Over Affair, Love Child’ – WSJ

Senior Chinese officials were allegedly told that former foreign minister Qin Gang lost his job after an investigation found he…

2 weeks ago

China Sanctions US Defence Firms For Arms Sold to Taiwan

The sanctions against Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman would be imposed via China's Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law, a foreign ministry official…

2 weeks ago

Berlin Pulls Plug on Chinese Takeover of Satellite Startup

Shanghai Spacecom Satellite Technology’s move to acquire a controlling stake in KLEO Connect was rejected by Germany’s economy ministry

3 weeks ago

Putin Gives North Korea’s Kim a Tour of Rocket Launch Site

Putin showed Kim around Vostochny Cosmodrome, his most advanced space rocket launch site, as North Korea twice failed to launch…

3 weeks ago

India Switches Off Pragyan Moon Rover, Sets Sights on Sun

The Indian Space Research Organisation said the craft had completed its mission and had now been put to ‘sleep'

4 weeks ago

New Huawei Phone Spurs Fear China Got Around US Chip Curbs

Reports that Huawei's latest smartphone has 5G capabilities has sparked questions on the effectiveness of US sanctions and whether chip…

4 weeks ago

Espionage Fears Over Chinese ‘Tourists’ at US Bases – WSJ

US officials from various agencies say Chinese intruders without proper authorization have been found at multiple US bases and sensitive…

4 weeks ago

Latest Indian Rocket Aims to Park in Space to Study The Sun

Aditya-L1 is designed to travel 1.5 million km over four months, far short of the sun, to a kind of…

4 weeks ago

India’s Skyroot to Double Rocket Launches Amid Moon Fever

The Hyderabad firm, backed by Singapore's sovereign wealth fund GIC, is also aiming to raise more money following Chandrayaan-3's landmark…

1 month ago

India Eyes Mars, Venus Next as Moon Rover Begins Lunar Probe

The Indian mission was accomplished with a budget of about 6.15 billion rupees ($75 million), less than the cost to…

1 month ago

India’s Chandrayaan-3 Makes Historic Landing on the Moon

The country's lunar spacecraft made a soft landing on the far side of the moon, days after a similar Russian…

1 month ago