SpaceX to Assess Space Debris Found in Australia – ABC

SpaceX will assess if parts of its Dragon capsule landed on farms near Canberra on July 9, while debris from…

4 days ago

China Launches Reusable Rocket in Mystery Test – Space News

The Long March 2F rocket was sent into low Earth orbit from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi…

6 days ago

China Rocket Falls Safely But NASA Says it Was Kept in Dark

US space agency NASA said Beijing had not shared the "specific trajectory information" needed to know where possible debris might…

2 weeks ago

China Tracks Debris of 22-Tonne Rocket Crashing Towards Earth

The rocket's entire main-core stage has reached low orbit and is expected to tumble back toward Earth once atmospheric friction…

2 weeks ago

China Rocket Debris May Crash to Earth, Location Unknown

At least 21 tonnes of debris may fall into low orbit, said Astronomer Jonathon McDowell, which means an uncontrolled plummet…

2 weeks ago

US Wary of China Plan for Weapons System on Moon – AS USA

China researchers say putting weapons on the Moon would protect people from asteroids and a fate similar to dinosaurs 65…

2 weeks ago

China Launches New Lab Module for Tiangong Space Station

The Long March-5B Y3 rocket will carry the laboratory module, which will include robotic arm, large solar panels and an…

3 weeks ago

Japan’s Space Agency Tests New Scramjet – NHK

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA, launched the S-520-RD rocket at 5am Tokyo time from southwestern Japan

3 weeks ago

Musk’s SpaceX Sets Launch Record With Latest Starlink Liftoff

It was the 32nd launch of 2022 and the intense activity is due to the company's race to build a…

3 weeks ago

China’s Astronauts to Get Slimmest Ever Space Nappies – SCMP

Astronauts say that current space nappies are "too thick and cause a strong sense of pressure on the underside" according…

4 weeks ago

NASA’s New Telescope Brings Space Into Stunning Detail

The new images reveal things scientists have never seen before in what NASA calls 'dawn of new era in astronomy'

4 weeks ago

China Calls NASA Chief ‘Colonial,’ Says Won’t Take Over Moon

A NASA official has come under fire for saying China plans to claim the Moon as its own and wants…

1 month ago