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Wall St ‘Steered Billions Into Blacklisted China Firms’ – Nikkei

Chinese companies invested in included the Aviation Industry Corp of China, a defence conglomerate that makes aircraft for the PLA

BlackRock has slashed its monthly fees by 90% for Chinese investors in its two retail funds, due to weak investor interest.
The BlackRock logo is seen outside of its offices in New York. Photo: Reuters


Major US financial institutions helped channel billions of dollars into Chinese companies blacklisted for their links to China’s military or alleged human rights abuses, Nikkei Asia reported.

A congressional committee investigation discovered that $6.5 billion was legally moved through index funds last year to 63 blacklisted Chinese companies or firms red-flagged by the US government, the story went on.

The investigation looked into the bigger financial industry but singled out aim BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, and MSCI, the major index provider.

Read the full story: Nikkei Asia


  • By Sean O’Meara


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