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Every Country Must Set up AI Infrastructure, Nvidia’s Huang Says

All countries should have their own AI infrastructure to reap the economic potential of artificial intelligence, and protect their culture, CEO Jensen Huang said

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang speaks at the World Government Summit in Dubai, UAE
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang speaks at the World Government Summit in Dubai, UAE. Photo: Reuters


One of the world’s leading chipmakers said on Monday that all countries need to have their own artificial intelligence infrastructure, as quickly as possible.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, who spoke at the World Government Summit in Dubai, said all countries should do that to take advantage of the economic potential of AI, and to protect their culture (from any negative impacts).

“You cannot allow that to be done by other people,” he said.


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Huang, whose firm has catapulted to a $1.73 trillion stock market value due to its dominance of the market for high-end AI chips, said his company is ‘democratizing’ access to AI due to swift efficiency gains in AI computing.

“The rest of it is really up to you to take initiative, activate your industry, build the infrastructure, as fast as you can.”


Dangers of AI ‘overblown’

He said that fears about the dangers of AI are overblown, noting that other new technologies and industries such as cars and aviation have been successfully regulated.

“There are some interests to scare people about this new technology, to mystify this technology, to encourage other people to not do anything about that technology and rely on them to do it. And I think that’s a mistake.”

Following a new round of US restrictions in October imposed on some of its AI chips, Nvidia said in November it was working with customers in China and the Middle East to obtain export licences for new products that would comply with US rules.

The CEO did not address that issue on Monday.

Nvidia is due to report fourth-quarter earnings on February 21.


  • Reuters with additional editing by Jim Pollard




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