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China Foreign Minister ‘Sacked Over Affair, Love Child’ – WSJ

Senior Chinese officials were allegedly told that former foreign minister Qin Gang lost his job after an investigation found he had ‘lifestyle issues’

Top Chinese officials have been told that former foreign minister Qin Gang was dismissed after a party probe found he had an affair and a 'love child' in the US, the WSJ reported on Tuesday.
China's ex-foreign minister Qin Gang accompanied Xi on many of his overseas trips and the CCP probe is still looking at whether his affair compromised China's national security, the WSJ said (Reuters file pic from January 2023).


Senior Chinese officials were informed that former foreign minister Qin Gang was dismissed for “lifestyle issues”, which is a common party expression for sexual misconduct, according to a Wall Street Journal report on Tuesday (Sept 19), which alleged that Qin had an extramarital affair when he was Beijing’s top envoy in Washington from July 2001 to January this year “that led to the birth of a child in the US”.

China’s scrutiny of senior officials has focused on individuals dealing with foreigners and top military figures, such as Defence Minister Li Shangfu, who was taken away for questioning in recent weeks, plus leaders of the PLA rocket force who were dismissed in July, according to the report, which noted that all these appointments were approved by Xi and have undermined his efforts to show Chinese governance is more stable or better than western nations.

Read the full report: Wall Street Journal.



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Jim Pollard

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