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Latest News: AI

Tencent Revenue Disappoints, Gaming Blamed For Shortfall
US-China ‘Doomsday Scenario’ Unlikely: Nvidia’s Huang – Nikkei
BYD to Use Nvidia’s Next-Gen Chips to Elevate Self-Driving Tech
US Ready to Ramp Up Investment in Chips, Thailand: Raimondo
Intel Can Keep Selling Chips to Huawei Despite AMD Protests
In Manila, Raimondo Promises Chip Fabs and More Curbs on China
US Warned AI Poses ‘Extinction-Level Threat’ to Humanity – Time
AI Fever Sees Chip Firm Nvidia Close in on Apple’s No2 Ranking
China Wants Youth to ‘Work in Factories’ as 12m Graduates Loom
China’s Secret Drive to ‘Delete America’ From Its Tech – WSJ
AI Revolution Firing Nuclear Power Push – NBC News
India To Pump $1.2 Billion Into AI Projects, Startups

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