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Latest News: Cyber Security

Japan Cyberattack Linked to Chinese Military – Nikkei
Chinese Ministry Axes Alibaba Cloud Deal Over Late Bug Report
China Regulator Summons Quora-like Platform Zhihu: Global Times
Japan to Bolster Cyber Defences at Key Companies: Nikkei
US Greenlights Google and Meta Use of Asian Undersea Link
Meta Labels India, China Groups as ‘Cyber Mercenaries’
US Cyber Agency Plays Down Software Flaw Risks
Singapore Growing Target for Ransomware Attacks: ST
Russian Ransomware Gang Claims Australia Cyberattack
Japan Digital Agency Head Hits Out at Slow Progress: FT
China Seeks Better Cross-Border Control of Big Data Via New Plan
DBS Bank Denies Myanmar Bond Link to Online Services Outage

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