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Latest News: Cyber Security

China Regulator Issues Rules on Sending Personal Data Abroad
China Hiring Uni Students for Industrial Espionage – FT
China Cybersecurity Police to Crack Down on Trolls, Fake Accounts
China’s New Mobile App Rules Come Into Force From August 1
US Says Chinese Hackers `Compromise’ Major Telecom Firms
China Cybersecurity Rules Seen as Big Risk For Finance Firms
Stablecoin Crash Caused By Just Seven Traders, Report Says
US States Ignoring China Cyber Threats, Says Data Group
Cybersecurity Team Creates Tool to Unlock, Operate Tesla Cars
Sony Ready for Metaverse Revolution Across Platforms
Pyongyang Trying to Place Hackers in Foreign Firms, Says US
China to Conduct Cybersecurity Review of Ride-Hailer Didi Global

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