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Latest News: Cyber Security

AF TV – China beats US in AI: Ex-Pentagon Tech Chief
China Already Outflanks US in AI, Says Ex-Pentagon Tech Chief
China’s New Data Laws Leave Firms With More Questions Than Answers
China’s Critical Data Rules Not Aimed at Firms Planning Foreign IPOs – Regulator
China Urges Tech Companies to Step up Management of Critical Data Exports
Cyber Attacks Could Lead to War, Says Biden: FT
Vision Fund Backing of Didi Goes $4bn into the Red: FT
China Rejects ‘Fabricated’ Cyber Attacks Claim by US and Allies
China’s Tech Crackdown Seen Leading to State-Supervised Data Trading Markets
Data ‘customs hub’ planned in China’s Greater Bay area
China’s cyber watchdog launches Didi ‘security’ probe
Toshiba office equipment unit hacked by DarkSide ransomware group

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