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Cities Lead COP28 Climate Change Push as Nations Fail to Deliver

Big cities are the places making a real impact on cutting emissions, the head of a global cities network says…

2 days ago

Growing Interest in Indian Drug Makers Amid ‘China De-Risking’

Move to 'de-risk' supply chains is leading some biotech firms to consider using Indian drug manufacturers to produce active pharmaceutical…

3 days ago

China, WHO Try To Calm Nerves on Respiratory Illness Outbreak

The spike in infections poses fresh risks for the Chinese economy which is still struggling to emerge from the economic…

3 days ago

COP28: France, US to Seek Ban on Private Funds for Coal Plants

India and China are expected to oppose the move to block private funding for coal-fired power plants. Both claim their…

1 week ago

Workers in Cambodia Made Ill by ‘Toxic’ Fast Fashion Waste

New report says waste from garment makers is having severe health impacts on workers at Cambodian brick kilns, where the…

1 week ago

Xi Seeks to Reassure The US: ‘No Hot or Cold War With Anyone’

Xi came into the meeting looking for respect from the US, and also seeking to improve fast-cooling business dealings with…

2 weeks ago

Hong Kong’s Economic Kickstart Plan Includes Security Focus

Chief Executive John Lee said he would be introducing "patriotic" education in local schools and cybersecurity would also be strengthened

1 month ago

Hong Kong Battles to Boost Appeal, Business After Clampdown

With tens of thousands of residents leaving and China's slow economy, business in Hong Kong has yet to recover from…

2 months ago

US Delegation Notes ‘Different’ Attitude in Talks With Xi in Beijing

Senator Chuck Schumer said "there seems to be a difference" in China's current posture compared to previous engagement with US…

2 months ago

US Sanctions 8 Chinese Drug Companies for Fentanyl Trade

The US has imposed sanctions on 28 people and entities, including a large Chinese network, accused of smuggling fentanyl precursor…

2 months ago

Fossil Fuel Phase-Out ‘Unrealistic’, China Climate Chief Warns

Beijing’s special climate envoy, Xie Zhenhua, will tell the COP28 climate meeting new energy sources aren’t reliable enough yet to…

2 months ago

Hong Kong Shuts Down After Heaviest Rain on Record

Authorities in the financial hub shut schools, the stock exchange and told workers to stay at home after over 200mm…

3 months ago