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Chinese Biotech Giant WuXi ‘Sent US Client’s Data to Beijing’

US intelligence officials say Chinese pharma companies are risking national security at a time when Washington is considering multiple bills…

3 weeks ago

Cost of Carbon Capture by 2050 May be Double Estimates – IME

Researchers in Switzerland who evaluated three carbon capture techniques said the cost could be $280 to $580 a tonne, which…

1 month ago

China Aims for Self Sufficiency in Emerging Tech, AI, Big Data

Government work report says it wants to mobilize resources to raise China's capacity for innovation to help it to become…

2 months ago

Tougher Penalties in China for Firms Understating Emissions

Emissions data fraud has been a big problem for China's carbon trading scheme, but State Council officials have drawn up…

2 months ago

Chinese Airlines Allowed to Lift US Flights to 50 a Week

Flights between China and the US were badly disrupted by the Covid pandemic, but the US says Chinese airlines can…

2 months ago

Chinese Biotech Stocks Plunge Again on Call for Sanctions Review

Shares of WuXi Biologics and its affiliate WuXi AppTec plunged again on Wednesday after US lawmakers called for a probe…

2 months ago

Reports of Violent Protests by North Korean Workers in China

Thousands of North Korean workers staged violent protests in Jilin last month, angry over years of unpaid wages and lingering…

2 months ago

China’s WuXi Stocks Plunge on Fears Over US Biotech Bill

Shares of WuXi AppTec and WuXi Biologics sank to multi-year lows on Friday because of deep concern about the proposed…

3 months ago

Indian AI Ethics Firm CEO Held For ‘Murder’ of 4-Year-Old Son

Police say they arrested the CEO of an Indian AI ethics and audit startup after they found the body of…

3 months ago

Covid Deaths Likely Caused China’s Population to Fall Again

Lack of social support and the country's economic slowdown has also deterred young Chinese from having children

3 months ago

China’s Push to Reform Historic Residency Rules Hits Hurdles

Chinese officials acknowledge strong rationale for change but baulk at taking decisive moves that may disrupt social stability and burden…

5 months ago

Push for Phase-Out of Fossil Fuels on the Table at COP28

The move gathered momentum on Tuesday when a draft text emerged and research revealed that global CO2 emissions from burning…

5 months ago