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Latest News: North Asia

Is China’s Defence Minister Under Arrest? – US Diplomat Asks
‘Frustrated’ in US, TSMC Finds Japan Chipmaking a ‘Natural Fit’
US Agrees to $5bn Sale of F-35s to South Korea – AFP
Putin Gives North Korea’s Kim a Tour of Rocket Launch Site
Japan Seen Provoking China With Taiwan Security Ties Upgrade
Kim Jong Un in Russia ‘For Talks on Arms, Tech and Food’
Why Retail Investors Should be Wary When Investing in Arm IPO
India, US, Saudi, EU Sign Ports Deal To Counter China Amid G20
China’s Ban on iPhone Use Expands to Local and State Entities
Key US Lawmaker Wants End to Chip Exports to Huawei, SMIC
Toyota Japan Shutdown Down to Lack of Disk Space – Nikkei
Diplomats Say China Shutting its Doors to the West, Its Allies

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