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Latest News: Big Data

Data of 2 Million Japan Users Was Public For a Decade: Toyota
China Plans Rules to Regulate Data Flows From Smart Cars
China Asks State Firms to Drop Big Four Auditors Over Data Fears
US Demands Answers on China Accessing Facebook Data – CNN
TikTok Employees Urged to Play Down Chinese Origins: Gizmodo
South Korean AI Firm Raises Funds to Build Synthetic Data
China Cybersecurity Regulator to Enforce New Data Rules
US FCC Member Calls on Apple, Google to Dump TikTok App
US, China Firms Vie For Slice of ASEAN Data Centre Market – ST
Hong Kong to Overhaul Its Data System With $132m Contract
Biden Moves to Stop China Gaining US Personal Data
China Data Laws Make Disputes More Challenging, Says Forensic Firm

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