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Latest News: Military tech

China Launches Sea Trials of Next-Gen Aircraft Carrier Fujian
Curbs on ASML ‘to Stop Use of Advanced Chips by China Military’
China Denies Nuclear Submarine Yellow Sea Disaster Claims – MO
India Quietly Bans Use of Chinese Parts in Military Drones
US Curbs on Investments in Critical China Tech Likely This Week
China Likely Sending Military Tech to Russia: US Intelligence
Chinese Spy Balloon Used US Tech to Gather Information: WSJ
Japan Military to Adopt Musk’s Starlink Satellites by Next Year
Sensitive India Defence Deals Face ‘Uphill Battle’ With US Laws
GE Set to Make Fighter Jet Engines for Indian Air Force
Indian Red Tape Delays Over $2-Billion Drone Purchase From US
US to Target Investment in China Chips, AI, Quantum Computing

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