Paris Climate Agreement

Cities Lead COP28 Climate Change Push as Nations Fail to Deliver

Big cities are the places making a real impact on cutting emissions, the head of a global cities network says…

3 months ago

Fossil Fuel Nations Planning ‘Insane’ Output Hikes – Guardian

Petrostates and oil, gas and coal companies still intend to keep on making trillions of dollars a year by increasing production

3 months ago

Fossil Fuel Phase-Out ‘Unrealistic’, China Climate Chief Warns

Beijing’s special climate envoy, Xie Zhenhua, will tell the COP28 climate meeting new energy sources aren’t reliable enough yet to…

5 months ago

China, US, India Face Climate Change Debt-Cost Time Bomb

A failure to deal with carbon emissions could force debt-servicing costs higher – and spark credit downgrades – for some…

7 months ago

South Asia in Climate Spotlight in Wake of Brutal Heatwave

UN warned that climate change is progressing exponentially and has already hit India and Pakistan particularly hard

2 years ago

Climate Change Row May Stop Australian Energy Giant’s Breakup

Speculation has risen that Australia's biggest power generator will review its plan to split into two, with its board due…

2 years ago

Sinopec hits the gas on China’s biggest carbon-capture project

The state oil and gas producer says construction is already underway on the site in eastern China which will eventually…

3 years ago