Russian invasion of Ukraine

Shipping Chaos Set to be ‘New Normal’ Amid War, Climate Change

Shipping giants are bracing for significant disruptions to affect key routes like the Panama Canal and knock complex vessel schedules…

2 months ago

Russia Says Sanctions Helped Cement China, India Energy Ties

Together China and India accounted for around 90% of Russia’s crude exports, while Europe's share fell to only about 4-5%…

2 months ago

Hyundai Motor to Sell Russian Plant at $219 Million Loss

Many automakers have sold their assets in Russia for a nominal fee, but included buyback options that could one day…

2 months ago

Russia’s Putin Asked to ‘Stay Away’ From BRICS Summit – Euronews

Putin has sent an emissary — Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov — instead, and Kremlin said he would “still play a…

6 months ago

China Likely Sending Military Tech to Russia: US Intelligence

China has repeatedly denied sending military equipment to Russia since Moscow's all-out invasion of Ukraine in February 2022

7 months ago

Yellen Says China Investment Curbs Will Be ‘Narrow In Scope’

The US treasury secretary said she also told Chinese officials they could raise concerns about US actions, and that Washington…

8 months ago

Japan Military to Adopt Musk’s Starlink Satellites by Next Year

Japan’s efforts follow increasing military aggression by neighbours China and Russia, which have been building their capability to target satellites

8 months ago

Blinken Lauded After Discussing Taiwan, Russia in China Talks

Biden says Blinken did a "hell of a job" in China, after Secretary of State said US does not support…

8 months ago

Acer Sold Goods Worth $70m to Russia Despite Vow to Halt Trade

Acer's actions are a contrast to key Western rivals such as Dell and HP who halted their Russia shipments last year…

9 months ago

China-Russia Trade Reaches New High With Over 40% Jump – CNN

Trade between the two countries was worth more than $93.8 billion, highlighting how Beijing has maintained its ‘no limits’ partnership…

9 months ago

Xi Arrives in Moscow Just as Putin Becomes War Criminal

In an article published at the beginning of his Moscow trip, Xi said the two countries adhered to the concept…

12 months ago

Xi to Visit Russia From March 20-22 Amid Tense US Relations

Xi and Putin "will discuss topical issues of further development of comprehensive partnership relations," the Kremlin said

12 months ago