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Latest News: Server Chips

India’s Push For Tariffs on Data Transfers Alarms Chip Giants
Nvidia Chief Pans Sam Altman’s Trillion-Dollar AI Chip Plan
Huawei, SMIC Set to Defy US Sanctions With 5nm Chips: FT
Canon Says New ‘Stamp’ Machine Will Slash Chipmaking Costs – FT
Slower Nvidia Chip Out in Q2 But China Firms ‘Don’t Want It’
Chinese Chip Firms Closed at a Record Rate in 2023 – TH
China Firms Rush to Poach Nvidia Clients With AI Chip Offerings
China’s Big Fund Bumps Up Investments in Chip Supply Chains
Chinese-Owned Nexperia Set to Take Over Dutch Chip Startup
Nvidia’s Best New AI Chip for China ‘Delayed Until Next Year’
Shock Reversal on Cloud Unit Wipes $20bn Off Alibaba Shares
Tencent to Turn to Chinese Chips as US Bans Risk Cloud Service

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