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Latest News: Xinjiang

Walmart’s Sam’s Club Denies It Removed Xinjiang Products
Tesla Criticised Over Showroom in China’s Xinjiang Region
Tesla Opens Showroom in China’s Xinjiang – WSJ
China Slams Walmart And Sam’s Club Over Xinjiang Products
China Slams US ‘Bullying’ Over Xinjiang Import Ban
US SEC Rejects Apple Bid to Block Investor Proposal on Forced Labour
US Senate Passes Xinjiang Import Ban Over ‘Forced Labour’
US to Blacklist China AI Firm SenseTime over Xinjiang: FT
US House of Representatives Passes Xinjiang Goods Import Ban
Sinopec Starts Building Green Hydrogen Plant in Xinjiang
Banned Xinjiang Cotton Shows Up On US Shelves: WaPo
China Says US has ‘Sinister Intentions’ After Bill to Ban Xinjiang Products Passes

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