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Latest News: Space

North Korea Plans Satellite Launches to Monitor US, Allies
China Mars Rover Finds Weathering – New Scientist
China Scientists Build Rocket Engine Driven by Explosions – SCMP
Space Tourist Billionaire Maezawa to Sell Art Valued at $70m
China Sends 22 Satellites Into Orbit In One Go – Xinhua
Shanghai Launches Space Technology Production Hub Plan
Payments Billionaire Announces 3 More SpaceX Flights
UK Satellite Firm Sued Over Kazakhstan Deal – Telegraph
Geomagnetic Storm Knocks Out Elon Musk’s Satellites
Putin Stresses China Business Ties in Pre-Visit Statement
Tianwen-1 Orbiter Captures Mars Ice Caps with ‘Selfie Stick’ – SCMP
China Looks to Strengthen Space Governance Over Next 5 Years

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