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Latest News: Space

Xi Puts Tech First in China’s Development Goals – SCMP
CCP Asked Elon Musk Not to Sell Starlink in China – The Verge
China Says Hypersonic Missiles Can be Used on Carriers – SCMP
China to Open Suborbital Space Travel to Public in 2025 – GT
China Discovers New Mineral on The Moon – Global Times
Indian Rocket Startup Skyroot Gets $51m GIC Funding Boost
China Reuses Secret Spaceplane, One Still in Flight – Forbes
SpaceX to Assess Space Debris Found in Australia – ABC
China Launches Reusable Rocket in Mystery Test – Space News
China Rocket Falls Safely But NASA Says it Was Kept in Dark
China Tracks Debris of 22-Tonne Rocket Crashing Towards Earth
China Rocket Debris May Crash to Earth, Location Unknown

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