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US, China Firms Vie For Slice of ASEAN Data Centre Market – ST

From Google, Amazon and Microsoft to Alibaba and Tencent, US and Chinese tech firms have set up or are building dozens of data centres in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia

US and China tech giants are setting up data centres all over Southeast Asia.
The power costs of data centres, such as this one in Hong Kong, can be up to 70% of operating expenses. Photo: Reuters.


Chinese and US tech firms are jostling to grab a slice of the market for data centres – the backbone that powers everything digital, from apps and streaming content to online services – in ASEAN, The Straits Times reported.

From Google, Amazon and Microsoft to Alibaba and Tencent, US and Chinese tech companies have set up or are in the process of building data centres in countries including Malaysia and Indonesia, with US firms dominating a majority of the more than 55 foreign-owned data centres in Singapore, the report said, citing the Asean Investment Report released last September by the ASEAN Secretariat and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.


Read the full report: The Straits Times.







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