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Latest News: Cyber Security

US Big Tech Gather Data Too, Says Senator Opposing TikTok Ban
China Says US Has Failed to Prove TikTok is a Security Threat
TikTok CEO to Tell US Lawmakers: ‘We’ve Never Shared Data’
Israel’s Judicial Crisis Fast Becoming an Economic Concern
Huawei Pitches its 5G Vision to the World in Barcelona – Nikkei
Australian Government Advisers Remain Cool on TikTok Ban
India Leads World in Internet Shutdowns for Fifth Year in a Row
US and Canada Order TikTok Cut From All Government Phones
Huawei Dominates Global Tech Fair Despite US Curbs – US News
Australia Plans New Cyber Security Agency in Policy Shake-up
European Commission Bans TikTok on Staff Phones – BBC
China Asks State Firms to Drop Big Four Auditors Over Data Fears

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