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Latest News: Cyber Crime

China Poised to Wreak Havoc with Major Cyberattack: UK, US
Chinese Hackers Poised to Strike at US Infrastructure: FBI Director
China Says Foreign Hackers Targeting Hundreds of Networks – SCMP
China, North Korea Hackers Using Generative AI, Microsoft Says
Chinese Firm Runs 100 ‘News’ Sites Pushing Pro-Beijing Stories
State-Backed China Hackers in Malware Attack on Dutch Networks
North Korea Hackers Share Networks With SE Asia Crime Gangs
Hackers Leak 1.3 Million Sony Insomniac Games Files – Axios
China Drafts Contingency Plan for Data Security Incidents
US, S Korea, Japan Team Up to Confront N Korea Cyber Threat
US, Japan Warn of New China Hacker After ‘60,000 Emails Stolen’
US Says China’s State Hackers Breached Government Emails

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