Cyber Crime

China, North Korea Hackers Using Generative AI, Microsoft Says

Hackers used large language models to seek information on rival intelligence agencies and "notable individuals" and also to develop code…

6 days ago

Chinese Firm Runs 100 ‘News’ Sites Pushing Pro-Beijing Stories

An online watchdog’s report named public relations firm Hamai as being behind the websites which attack China’s critics and share…

2 weeks ago

State-Backed China Hackers in Malware Attack on Dutch Networks

Intelligence chiefs in The Netherlands said the cyber gang breached an armed forces network but tech firms like ASML were…

2 weeks ago

North Korea Hackers Share Networks With SE Asia Crime Gangs

A UN investigation has uncovered evidence that hackers like NK’s Lazarus Group are linking up with fraudsters and drug traffickers…

1 month ago

Hackers Leak 1.3 Million Sony Insomniac Games Files – Axios

Insomniac had refused to pay a $2 million ransom and the files included details about the next Wolverine game release

2 months ago

China Drafts Contingency Plan for Data Security Incidents

The plan comes amid Beijing’s push to tamp down national security risks and heightened concerns around large-scale data leaks and…

2 months ago

US, S Korea, Japan Team Up to Confront N Korea Cyber Threat

The allies say Pyongyang uses cybercrime profits to gather funds for its nuclear and missile programmes

2 months ago

US, Japan Warn of New China Hacker After ‘60,000 Emails Stolen’

The warning came on the heels of a Washington briefing which said Chinese state-linked hackers had stolen 60,000 emails from…

5 months ago

US Says China’s State Hackers Breached Government Emails

China's embassy in London said the accusation was "disinformation" and called the US government "the world's biggest hacking empire and…

7 months ago

China, North Korea Among Suspects in US Courts Data Breach

Representative Jerrold Nadler, chair of the House judiciary committee, said that "three hostile foreign actors" had attacked the courts' document filing…

2 years ago

China Regulator Cracks Down on Online Investment Fraud

CAC said it had amassed a fraud database of 3.8 million websites and 500,000 apps. It did not specify if…

2 years ago

China Cybersecurity Police to Crack Down on Trolls, Fake Accounts

China's public security ministry said its cyber division would identify and remove social media accounts and posts that disrupt social…

2 years ago