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Latest News: US-Japan

EU to Beef Up Japan Ties on Chips, AI to ‘De-Risk’ From China
Dutch Restrict Chip Exports Amid US Push to Tighten China Curbs
Indo-Pacific Nations, US to Set Up Supply Chain Crisis Hotline
Japan to Lead G7 Discussion on AI Regulation Next Week
China Objects to Japan’s New Chip Export Restrictions
Japan Joins US Chip War Against China With Export Restrictions
Japan Destroys Failed Flagship Rocket 14 Minutes After Launch
Japan to Splash $1.6bn on 500 Tomahawk Missiles – Nikkei
Japan Chip Equipment Makers Unaware of New China Restrictions
Japan’s Car, Chip Exports To China Slump, Fuel Slowdown Fears
Japan, US Say China ‘Greatest’ Challenge, to Mull Chip Curbs
Japanese Takeovers Reach Record High in 2022 – Nikkei

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