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Latest News: Space

Rare Earth Magnet Firms Plan Vietnam Plants as China Hedge
Russian Spacecraft Luna-25 Crashes on The Moon
India’s Chandrayaan-3 Moon Mission Shares Historic Photos – BBC
US Navy Sent to Alaska Over 11 Russia, China Warships – KTUU
US Seen Clamping Down on Investment in China Funds
Mongolia and US to Sign ‘Open Skies’ Civil Aviation Deal
China’s Next-Gen Rocket Could Take 7 to Moon, Space Station
Wang Yi Tells Borrell to ‘Clarify’ EU’s Position on China
World’s Oceans Changing Colour, Study Finds – Guardian
China Soars Ahead of SpaceX in Methane-Liquid Rocket Race
US and India Sign Deals on Chips, Tech, Space and Defence
Musk Meets Modi, Keen to Bring Tesla, Starlink to India Soon

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