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Crypto Fraudster Bankman-Fried Won’t Face a Second Trial

FTX's Bankman-Fried had faced six more charges that had been omitted from his first trial, including conspiracy to commit bribery

4 months ago

South Korean Crypto Fugitive Do Kwon Set for Extradition

The Montenegrin justice minister will decide whether Kwon will go to South Korea or the US — where he faces…

5 months ago

Binance Resignation, $50m Fine Seen as ‘Good Outcome’ For CZ

The US Justice Department is now reportedly seeking an 18-month prison sentence for Zhao, the maximum suggested under federal guidelines

5 months ago

$55 Billion Crypto Gambling Case on Trial in China – Toutiao

Police discovered the ring when one gambler sought help saying “please help me, I am gambling on my mobile phone…

9 months ago

Binance Controlled Bank Accounts of ‘Independent’ US Crypto Arm

New findings show how CEO Changpeng Zhao secretly retained control over Binance's US arm and ensured he could direct the…

11 months ago

North Korea Crypto Theft at Record High in 2022: UN Report

Independent sanctions monitors said South Korea estimated that North Korean-linked hackers stole virtual assets worth $630 million last year

1 year ago

FTX CEO Bankman-Fried Charged With Fraud Post Arrest – Reuters

Bankman-Fried was arrested in the Bahamas on Monday, at the request of US authorities, a day before he was scheduled…

1 year ago

US Crypto Insider Trading Suspect ‘Tried to Flee to India’

Prosecutors said Ishan Wahi shared confidential information about forthcoming announcements of new crypto assets that Coinbase would allow users to trade through…

2 years ago

Korean Police Launch Probe Into Stablecoin Crash – FT

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said it had launched an investigation into allegations about an employee of crypto billionaire Do…

2 years ago

US Hits ‘Currency Mixer’ Blender With North Korea Sanctions

The service was used in the laundering process for North Korea’s Axie Infinity heist, processing over $20.5 million in illicit…

2 years ago

Crypto Losses Surge 695% in First Quarter – TechCrunch

There has been a “loss” of about $1.23 billion across the web3 ecosystem in the first quarter of 2022, according…

2 years ago

Australian Watchdog Takes Meta to Court Over Crypto Scams

The advertisements for cryptocurrency or money-making schemes could have misled users into believing they were promoted by celebrities, ACCC said

2 years ago