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Australia Plans New Cyber Security Agency in Policy Shake-up
China Buys Australian Cotton in Anticipation of Trade Ban Lift
Australia Was China’s Top Trade Restrictions Target – Study
Canada Military Found China Monitoring Buoys in Arctic – G&M
India and Singapore Launch First Overseas Payments Link
Hong Kong’s Soaring Deficit Piles Pressure on Upcoming Budget
Guangzhou Splashes $29 Billion on Chip and Tech Race – SCMP
Taiwan’s Export Orders Fall For Fifth Month in a Row
Uber to Launch 25,000 Electric Vehicles in India Over 3 Years
Chinese Vessels Linked to Taiwan’s Severed Undersea Cables – TN
China’s Provinces Splashed $50 Billion on Covid Curbs in 2022
Pakistan Set for 33% Inflation in First Half of 2023: Moody’s

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